Smart Tracking System    
  HR Management
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HR Policies
Define Holidays, Weekends, Grades, Leaves 

Employee Management
Create and Manage employees in the system with full personal details

Employee Document Management
Manage Employee Documents like Passport, License, etc including softcopy and timely renewal notifications and reports

Attendance Management
Automated easy to log and track attendance management system with support for Biometric, etc

Leave Management
Log leave request, approve, manage Employee leave request through single service portal
Complete history of selected Employee’s Leave details in a year


Help Desk
Problem Tracking
Issue Tracking
Bug Tracking
Problem Tracking
Problem Tracking System
Online problem Tracker
Issue Tracking
Web Based Issue Tracking System
Project Tracking
Project Budgetting
SLA Management
Resource Planning and Project Allocation
Project Estimation

Web Based Effort Tracking System
Online Effort Tracker
Effort Tracking Tool
HR Management
Document Control

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