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  Business Value
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To the Customer

  • Easy Access – 24/7 - Report issues through Telephone, Email & WEB Access

  • Visibility - Visibility on issues and resolution status, sets the right expectation

  • Responsibility - Ability to update open issues with supporting details or documents

  • Co-operation - Interactive way of support request notification, allows customer to co-operate with support team in resolving problems and or developing new features using the web interface

  • Time to Resolution - Improved responsiveness - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with the self service web access

To the Help Desk

  • Process-Automation - Streamlines and automates your issue management process providing the best service to your customer

  • Collaboration - Enables all team members to collaboratively work and follow-up a predefined work flow process to ensure issues are resolved in a timely and efficient manner

  • Workflow Management - Ability to auto assign, prioritize and escalate issues as appropriate based on function, product, priority as defined

  • Smart Resourcing - Effectively combine similar resource types within the support for efficiency

  • Visibility - Obtain status reports of the projects by specific filter criteria such as Engineer, Project Code, Client, Product, Date and Priorities

  • Self-service Model - Reduced cost and improved productivity by allowing your customers to report problems directly via the web and email, and obtain solutions from the knowledge base

To the Management

  • Deep Dive - Allows organizations to define and measure Service Level Objective (SLO) by means of process in achieving the agreed SLAs

  • Visibility - Gives the ability to Track Efforts based on function, product, customer or any metric that is of critical importance to the business

  • Measure - Gives the power to track and measure internal resource efforts and means to meet or exceed SLAs with customers (Customer Satisfaction)

  • Manageability - Efficient way to define and manage the workflow&Manage internal resources assigned to a particular project or task

  • Advanced Reporting - Managers can obtain status reports of the projects by specific filter criteria such as Employee, Project Code, Client, Product, Date and Priorities

  • ROI - Brings efficiency in internal resource allocation and management resulting in high ROI on help desk resources

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